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  1. We are looking for halal frozen whole chicken CIF Dubai. We are looking for someone to contact us to provide us the pricing, specifications, OEM packaging and MOQ on the following please

    1. Halal frozen whole chicken
    2. Halal frozen chicken skimming
    3. Halal frozen chicken breasts

    Thank you

    Kashif Ijaz

    1. Thank you for your inquiry, however we do not do any exports. Only local deliveries. Thank you for your inquiry.

  2. I would like to order meats for my family. I do not have a store. Just want to purchase chicken, goat and lamb. thank you.

  3. Salaam, I am starting a halal food truck and will need about 50lbs of ground beef, and and about 3000 chicken drums sticks/wings. I would also like estimates for price and delivery. my contact information is provided.

  4. Asalamualaikum I would like to order a meat from you but I don’t have a store so can I still come in order or do I have to order over the phone please let me know thank you

    1. Wa alaikum al salam. You are welcome to come to our warehouse in Springfield any time to see our products. You can also give us a call or send a text message AT 703-451-9240. Thank you.

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